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OFFICE OF THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY 32nd Judicial District, Terrebonne Parish, Houma, Louisiana

The Terrebonne Parish District Attorney's Office is located at 7856 Main Street in the Courthouse Annex Building, Suite 220 on the second floor.

The District Attorney of the 32nd Judicial District, Terrebonne Parish, Houma, Louisiana is the:

Honorable JOSEPH L. WAITZ, JR.

Mr. Waitz was elected District Attorney on November 5, 1996. He is currently serving his first six year term.

The District Attorney has the responsibility to decide who, what, when and where every criminal prosecution will take place within his jurisdiction.

The Office of the District Attorney handles all prosecution in the Parish of Terrebonne. This includes everything from traffic tickets to the serious cases like rape and murder.

In addition to the serious business of criminal prosecution, the Office of the District Attorney also operates many public service programs for the benefit of the community and its people. These programs include the District Attorney's Pre-Trial Intervention Program, Worthless Check Program, Child Support Enforcement, Traffic Probation, DWI Probation, Child Advocacy Program, and Victim Assistance Programs. More information about these programs is available by way of LINKS from this page or by contacting the Office of the District Attorney at (504) 873-6500.

The Office of the District Attorney in the 32nd Judicial District has 14 Assistant District Attorneys, they are:

Mr. W.J. LeBlanc - Executive Assistant

Mr. Jay J. Luke - First Assistant D.A.

Mr. Matthew Hagen - Assistant D.A.

Mr. Brad Doyle - Assistant D.A.

Mr. Larry Ward - Assistant D.A.

Mr. Carlos Lazarus - Assistant D.A.

Mr. Kent Fairchild - Assistant D.A.

Mr. Juan Pickett - Assistant D.A.

Ms. Bernadette Pickett - Assistant D.A.

Mr. Barry Vice - Assistant D.A.

Mr. Randy Bethancourt - Assistant D.A.

Mr. Michael Scurto - Assistant D.A.

Ms. Ellen Daigle Doskey - Assistant D.A.

Mr. Patrick Yancey - Assistant D.A.

The Office also maintains a very experienced Investigative Staff. These former law enforcement personnel assist the Assistant District Attorneys in the prosecution of criminals and do extensive investigations on various cases that the office handles. In addition, these men and women are available and very often assist local law enforcement in criminal investigations, crime prevention efforts, undercover and sting operations as well as any other situation in which they are called upon. The Investigative Division is under the charge of Chief Investigator:

Mr. Thomas Beeson

The Investigative Team is made up of:

Mr. Mark Pitre

Mr. Troy Olivier

Mr. Thomas Cope

Mr. Joe Thompson

Mr. Will Torres

Ms. Marsha Russell

Mr. Gary Landry

The day to day operations of the office are handled by a very experienced management team. The management team which reports directly to Mr. Waitz is lead by the Executive Assistant and the Administrator. The management team is comprised of:

Mr. W.J. LeBlanc, Executive Assistant

Mr. Kevin C. Guidry, Administrator

Ms. Beverly Moreau, Assistant Administrator

Mr. Will Torres, Pre-Trial Services Director

Ms. Pearl Clavier, Executive Secretary

Ms. Donna Henry, Criminal Dept. Supervisor

Ms. Bernadette Pickett, IV-D Director

Ms. Monica Joseph, Accountant

In the 32nd Judicial District, Office of the District Attorney the entire staff is dedicated to serving the public and providing the citizens of Terrebonne Parish with a D.A.'s Office that will make them proud.

Should you have any questions in regard to the foregoing, or if you need any additional information, please contact the office at the courthouse in Houma or call (504) 873-6500.

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Click on the Titles Below to Find out More About the Programs Offered By Your District Attorney:

PRE-TRIAL INTERVENTION: Probationary Program for Non-Violent First Time Offenders
WORTHLESS CHECK PROGRAM: Recovery of NSF Checks for Businesses and Individuals
CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT: Recovery of Child Support Payments for Families
TRAFFIC PROBATION ARTICLE 894 PROGRAM: Probation Program for Traffic Violators
D.A. - D.W.I. PROBATION PROGRAM: Extensive Probation for First Time D.W.I. Offenders
CRIME VICTIMS ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: Assistance for the Victims of Crime
CHILD ADVOCACY PROGRAM: Specialized Interviewing and Counseling of Juvenile Victims
NEW PROGRAMS: New Programs Currently Being Developed

32nd Judicial District, Parish of Terrebonne
7856 Main Street, Suite 220 - Courthouse Annex
Houma, LA 70360
United States

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